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United States
The name's DJ. I make scribbly lines on paper and call it art. I write words on paper and call it paper with words.

Favourite genre of music: Death Metal, Doom Metal, Progressive Metal, Black Metal, Gospel, Hip Hop
Favourite style of art: Comic
MP3 player of choice: Uh, computer?
Favourite cartoon character: Spider-man, Star-Lord, Drax, Nova, Darkhawk, Thor, Captain America, Silver Surfer, Thanos
Personal Quote: Peace and God Bless
I'm in love with Mary Jane! She's my main thang!

What's good? So here's how it is. Same ol'.

My stories.

Yeah, I got stories. I'm writin' about 'em. I'm still writin' about 'em, and eventually ya'll gon' see 'em.

See, I'm goin' through this dilemma right now on how I want to go forward. Then I came to the conclusion that if I don't go forward, I'll never get there. So I'mma keep doin' me until the me turns into what I wanna be, feel me? Black Void's gonna get caught up with Nexus. Then I'mma be on dat Nexus again. Then Black Void. Then eventually, I'mma go back and do a whole lotta re-writes to make it better.

In the mean time, 'member when I was all like, "It'd be real cool, if someone would draw a scene from somethin' a mine." Well, thanks to my girl :iconp-joart: it happened.

Check Black Void episode 10 real quick.

BV10 The Sound of Drumming
It stands there looking down at me. I don't know if it's agitated or not. She could be charging some giant super laser from her white glowing eyes. She could be scanning my mind for the off switch to put me to sleep. She could be secretly laughing at it up. I don't know. I can't tell anything from her. There's nothing on her face. No eyebrows that furl, no mouth that pokes out or smiles, no nose that gets all crinkly or relaxed. I can't get a read off this giant, 80 foot tall, alien lady at all, and it's drivin' me crazy. So I just stare back, trying to be just as cold, just as stoic, and just as stern as her.
"What are you waiting for?" Ran asks. I've never seen someone so scared stiff and shaky all at once. Then again, I've got no room to talk. I'm holding onto this sword like it's a bible, so tight, just to make me feel better—like I own somethin' important. "I think you actually got her to listen."
"Oh really? Cool." I guess that works then. Now I feel good about

Yeah, good times. Good times. Now that you did that, rewind back to the part where Darius was tryna talk to dat Visigen lady an' she wasn't lissnin'. What'd Ran say right there? She said... she said, she said--

Black Void 1 by P-JoArt an' den it was like

Black Void 2 by P-JoArt an' my dude was like

Black Void 3 by P-JoArt

Yeaaaaah boi! It happened. :iconp-joart: came through fo real. It was a beautiful thang. Real talk, watch her. An' then hit her up with some commissionary conversations. Throw money at her. Keep throwin' money at her. Then throw some money at me, so I can throw more money at her to get more of these scenes drawn up. Livin' da dream my dudes. Livin' da dream. That's what's up.


The comics that's been goin' round recently have been so amazing. Hickman's Infinity has been so on point. It's like. I mean it's everything you expect from a Hickman story. You go in not knowing what the world anything is about. Gettin' that sneaky feelin' that somethin's about ta go down. Then you get dat pay off in lil bits an' pieces. Not enough to spoil everything, but enough to let you know that the story's good, and it's still got room to get you better. Easily the best Marvel event in the past 5 years. Maybe even a decade. Why? Well, because it's the first major event that's actually relying on itself as opposed to what I've come to call cheap gimmicks.

It's big in scale, so it doesn't feel like just another story-arc/crossover. It was set up in stages, so all the big stuff doesn't come off as overwhelming clutter. It's not relying on gimmicks and shock value in order to carry it, and as a result the big moments actually mean something. The event itself is very well paced, so it never seems like an issue was just a waste trying to get to the next one. Structurally, I can't think of any reason why people who like comics wouldn't like or, at the very least, appreciate this as an event aside from just not liking space opera based sci-fi.

Contrast that to what's goin' on in Battle of the Atom, it's like night and day. Don't get me wrong, I'm enjoying Battle of the Atom, but it's definitely not filling me with that lasting impact because frankly, it's doing everything that I don't like events to do. Still enjoying it though, but it's not exactly what I would call great. Just something about the way Bendis tells his stories.

Speaking of Bendis's story telling, I'm really not liking his Guardians right now. First two issues were nice. They set up a stage. I'm ready for what's supposed to come next. I have an idea of what's supposed to come next. Then 5 issues down the line nothing's happened. It's been, skirmish here, dialog there, dialog, skirmish, "oh look it's Angela." And now it's time for the Infinity tie in, then their own event/crossover with X-men? Okay. It's just... I feel like Bendis is... he's always had this thing for big, big, big, it's gotta be big. He hypes himself up for the big, always. So much that unless he's doin' somethin' big, he can't do something small and have it mean anything. He's on top of those gimmicks, but without them, he doesn't have material, which is weird, and very frustrating to me as a reader. He's got enough gimmicks to keep his X-Books running for a bit. Maybe when Battle of the Atom's over, and he crosses them over with Guardians, Guardians'll pick up, but right now, nothing.

Bendis is a good writer though. You can't take that away from him. He knows how to tell a good story. He knows how to write good characters and develop them. He knows how to do things right and in a way that makes me feel like there's a good payoff. But my problem with him is that he doesn't know how to do it with anything other than his own stuff. When I look at his work, the main hits that are largely agreed upon as amazingly epic are his Daredevil, Ultimate Spider-Man, Alias, Scarlet. What else? Powers? Yeah Powers. Those were all good. Spider-Woman. He's got Einser awards for those being good. He knows how to do good. But you see pattern there? I do. They were all his. Like completely his. And if they weren't, they were close enough to his own style that making them his wasn't that much of an issue. The dark, gritty, street level, noirish, non-cosmically inclined, non-abstract based, just straight up, down to earth, in your face drama. And the way he writes his characters, that colloquial dialog, that imitative speech pattern, that "uh, um... yeah, ya see?" it works, because it fits in the setting that he creates. When he became Marvel's big go to Avengers guy, what did he do? He made the Avengers follow that same formula. He put Spidey on the team, made Luke Cage the leader, de-powered Strange, he made them all fit into his little box, his comfort zone, and he worked with it. He was good with working with it too, except for the fact that in doing so, he sorta completely ignored the history that some of those characters had going for them.

Remember Moon Knight? He was an established character that was looking for a little sun shine. Bendis got him. He's known for bringing new life into old things. It worked with Luke Cage. It worked brilliantly with Luke Cage. Surely, he could do the same with Moon Knight. But no. He did bring new life to him, but at the same time, he completely ignored everything that was in Moon Knight's history that made him Moon Knight, except for the part of him being a little crazy. Moon Knight's never imagined himself as Avengers before. That came completely out of left field. But hey, whatever.

Remember Sentry? Yeah, that's what happened when Bendis was given a character so completely out of his comfort zone, so completely opposite to his general style that after retcon after retcon after retcon after retcon, he couldn't find anything to do with him except finally make him a villain and then kill him.

So I guess what I'm sayin' is my thing about Bendis is that he's really hit or miss. I'm in a love/hate relationship with his work. Whenever he's writing something about a character/characters that aren't already established, then he's on point. Whenever he's writing something about developing a character that he's put his time into. He's on point. Whenever he's writing about something he personally can grasp and relate to. He's on point. But the moment he steps out of his comfort zone (which in itself isn't a bad thing) and tries to blow it up as being the greatest thing since the last greatest thing he's ever did (like every event he's written for Marvel: Age of Ultron, Siege, that whole Dark Reign thing, etc) then he's off the mark more often than not.

I still like Bendis. He's a good writer when he writes what he knows. I'd like to see him grow as a writer, but I don't want him to mess up the stuff that I actually enjoy, which in this particular instance are my Guardians of the Galaxy.

In Closing

That's it. I got one a dem twittas. I'm mostly followin' porn stars, fighting game peoples, and tv show actors, but if you wanna see what I say about things, it's

Peace and God Bless
  • Listening to: "Mary Jane" - Rick James
  • Reading: Infinity
  • Watching: Ally McBeal
  • Playing: Tekken
  • Eating: Food
  • Drinking: Water

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